Sunday, 16 January 2011

A successful experiment

We had a stressful week last week , illness in the family and a visiting mouse meant no time in the kitchen all week. Last night I managed a couple of hours to bake.
The date and orange cookies went down a storm so I made another batch of those, this time I had all the right ingedients and I'm happy to say they taste just as good as my adapted version. :)

Next I made some wholemeal pastry using Pure margarine. What do you put in a vegan pie?
I had a bit of a blank moment, usually a pie filling would involve cheese. After looking in the larder, I grabbed a tin of kidney beans and a selection of vegetables.
I used a muffin tin to make individual deep pies, that way I could freeze some for another day.

Vegetables I used were, Leek, red onion, carrot, sweet pepper, a bit of vegan marigold stock and a spoonful of Marmite, then half a tin of kidney beans.

Pictures to follow

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